Friday, 6 July 2012


I've been running for fun for a few years now and even though I'll never win any races, I've taken part in over 10+ marathons and consider myself a jogger :)
Like anyone that runs regularly, I'd grown increasingly frustrated at the amount of time and money lost to running related injuries.
So far I've had Shin Splints, Compartment Syndrome, ITB Pain, Planter Foot Pain, you name it, I've had it.... I've paid for Physio, Sports massage and podiatrists for specific insoles.
This has resulted in a large collection supportive running shoes which grow in size every year! (unlike my bank balance!)
Well all that was about to change (hopefully)!
Hope a number of years I'd been suffering from years of ill-fitting shoes as a child and as a result I had a bunion and a bunionette (strange I know) on my right foot. These were causing me a little pain so after a few consultations, the surgeon decided I needed to go under the knife!
Well I decided on a date of May 11th as this was post London and 3 Forts Marathon and on the day I had the op which left me on crutches and with little vision on how I was EVER going to run again!
This is the story of my recovery.........

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