Friday, 7 September 2012

Building up the miles....

Building up the miles....

I’ve been trying to slowly build up the miles in the barefoot footwear recently with 14 miles in the Merrell’s and 8 miles in the Luna’s as the max. The Merrell’s have been packed away as I’m going away soon on “manoeuvres” so I’ve been using the Luna’s more.

I’ve also used the non-barefoot Hi-Tec Trail shoes I have and now noticed that I’m getting pains in my lower legs when I use these! I’m starting to think that I might have reached the point where I run “barefoot” more than normal….  This has got me thinking again and I’m tempted to invest in a pair of road running bare foot shoes? Not sure if I need these? But will push on with the flip flops and see how I go? I did 5 miles with the club last night and they felt ok but was left with the large blister under my right toe. This wasn’t painful and I think this was the result of an old blister “giving up”. I’ve trimmed this up and will now take it easy before a 15 miler planned for Sunday. I’m tempted to tape this if it’s an issue in the short term but want to harden this area in the long term so we’ll see.

People in the U.S. are running 100m trail races in Luna’s so I should be able to run 20 miler’s in these? As stated the only issue so far being this toe blister. I need to draw the line somewhere though as I’ll have more shoes than Imelda Marcus soon.

I did something this week at work I promised I’d never do! No not work! I started a 3 mile jog around the site and at 2 miles decided to detour around the test track here and ran the last mile without the flip flops completely barefoot! I have to admit it felt amazing! I did hit the occasionally stone/twig which was eye watering but I even did a few 100 metres of the car park on tarmac. I’ve always said I would NEVER run barefoot totally but this might have to change.

One last update…. As recently described, I’ve been spreading the word re. barefoot running and another person in the club has picked up a pair of Merrell’s…. I should be on commission!

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