Friday, 14 September 2012

Sore Points...

Sore Points...

Yesterday look another step toward full barefoot conversion when I did another long run home from work in the afternoon wearing the Luna's.

I've run to work a number of times and it's not a real issue. It's just under 12 miles with most of the route on pavements / off-road. It can be a little poor in low light but it's ok.

The main reason running to work isn't bad is because it's mostly down hill! Well I've also run home before but usually fully off road which can take 3 hours of hard running.

Yesterday I decided to wear the Luna's and run exactly the same route home as I do to work. I average a reasonable pace in the mornings and can 9 minute mile which I'm happy with for that distance (I'm not fast).

Well I start quite fast but soon I hit the first long hill and I look at the watch and I'm 9.30 miling which is frustrating. I get to the top of that climb and I'm still at a slow pace and realise it's because I'm actually being lazy!

My minds completely off running and I've fallen into the trap where I'm coasting along. Well I've had a word with myself and started to push again. Soon the times are dropping and I'm back to 9.20 then 9.15 BETTER.

After about 5 miles I can start to feel certain areas on the Luna's rubbing again. Not bad just a little annoying. The toe strap on the left foot seemed a little tight and I was getting the uaual pain at the base of my big toes on the right.

Again, I just pushed on as I guessed they didn't get any worst. I've now decided that things will hurt and rub.... get used to it! It's your bodies way of telling you which parts are weak and need to "man up".

Anyway, I kept pushing and got faster finishing with 9 min miles which matched the "to work" times previously ran during marathon training. Most pleased.

The Luna's again performed well.

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