Friday, 30 November 2012

Pain Related Learning

Well that's what the Army says when you literally need to beat some sense into someone...

You'll be glad to know that in today's modern army that doesn't physically happen but in this case it relates to my constant capability to underestimate and pay for it.

This time as previously indicated it was my decision last Sunday to break in my new Xero's with a long off road run when I'd not run in sandals for sometime due to the weather change instead of the sensible option of a simple short run.

Well I came off the run bruised and sore as expected but nearly a week later I've missed two training runs so far this week and my long run tomorrow is in trouble as I'm way off full fitness.

The sandals decision though wasn't the only poor choice last Sunday as I ran a series of short runs most of the day. The day started badly when I didn't have my usual porridge breakfast and opted for bacon sarnies. Never change anything in your routine unless you test it first and then only a little at a time.

Well because I ran a number of short runs, I'd again managed to under estimate the required fuel and after 18 miles I'd only had one gel and limited fluids. From 6am till 4pm all I'd taken on was a small sarnie, a gel and limited water and I'd taken part in a Cross Country and 10k Road races as well as running to and from events and racking up nearly marathon distance!

Monday morning my calfs were on fire probably also due to my lack of effort with warm down and stretching. I felt stupid waddling my way around the office like I'd messed myself. As well as this, my big toe that I had the op on earlier had started to ache a tad.

I took a couple of days off running then strangely the toe started to really hurt to the point where I could hardly walk on it something that hasn't happened since the actual surgery. That was Wednesday and its Friday now and I'm still limping slightly on it.

So do I risk it tomorrow? The course I'd planned is a fig 8 of Chlemsford so there will chances to opt out mid run. My heart says go for it but my head says take it easy.

Anyway i'll let you know how I get on

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