Sunday, 2 December 2012

Absolute Beginnings

As I was still feeling a little below par, I decided it was a good idea to postpone this weeks long run as a couple of days rest now will save me maybe weeks if I pushed hard now. There's still sometime until I need to have finished my long runs and I decided to move this weeks long run to mid week to cover this and next week as I'm away next weekend.

Instead I planned a Sunday morning Barefoot for Beginners run in our local park. I've started a Facebook group Barefoot Essex and I know there's a lot of runners out there interested in giving barefoot a try. This group and Sunday sessions format will work well as I use everything I've learnt so far combined with how I converted to barefoot, check out the link and join us :)

Well I thought about how and where to start the session and picked Chelmer Park in Chelmsford Essex. The park is pretty quiet at most times and is a mile around the perimeter. Most of the route is grass which apart from the occasional twig is pretty easy going. It features though a decent section of hard surface path which in my opinion offers new barefoot runners the chance to ease into it. I can eventually see people adding additional laps when they get used to the transition and there's even a couple of slopes!

This obviously presumes anyone will "sign up" to do it lol A few people have expressed interest in my journey so far and I know of many people that have taken the plunge and brought minimal footwear. This combined with the running group I started at work where a few of us run at lunch "san-footwear" so who knows?

Well me and my daughter Katie were joined today with the latest addition to the family Annie our new puppy. Today though was baltic! Hard frost on the ground would offer a baptism of fire (fire! chance would be a fine thing). I'd like to say also that my 8yr old daughter is used to running having regularly run up to 7 mile trail races and also junior Cross Country races. I always make sure she's well within her comfort zone and today she would only barefoot run for a few metres, she just wanted to be part of the show!

Special thanks go to my son Ali who is the Technical guru of Essex Barefoot. He designed the logo and edited the video.

Hopefully see you soon.

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