Friday, 1 February 2013

No Pain No Gain!

As I write it’s been nearly 3 weeks since my last ultra. Since then I’d been out a couple of times for a run but too much, too soon in hindsight. I now know it takes 2 weeks before any hard running and nothing for the first week!

The sore hamstring from the Ultra was ok but post run has since flared up to the point where I can’t run on it now.

I found this out as I  ran at work but at the 2 mile point the knee started to weaken and I started getting some seriously strange sensations in the joint as it felt like it was swollen, got weak then went numb?

I started to get concerned so had some sports massage that evening and the physio said I had a minor tear in the hamstring. I knew at this point I had to stop all running or risk it getting worst.

I went back to my training plan and looked at other ways to keep working out so actually went swimming and did some cross training but still managed to put on half a stone in a week J

Anyway, had some treatment on the knee this week and they now say it’s more of a strain to the ligaments in the knee including the ITB. All probably from over use on the ultra. What happened was as I passed the miles that I’d trained up to my form changed. Next time more back to back runs to get the body used to the change.

Anyway after lots of RICE I still feel it but going to try a slow 5k Park run this weekend!

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