Saturday, 26 January 2013

Custom Kit

As I previously said, post ultra I had a few minor changes to my pack set up that I thought could make life a little more comfortable.

I drove out to the workshop of custom kit manufacturer 1157 Tactical in Chelmsford Essex and took them through the changes I wanted.

Race Pack mods:

Remove unnecessary weight and sew front pouches to Inov-8 12 Race Pack and at the same time add a small pack to the front waist strap to contain anything from gels, hydration tablets, small food or even trash.


Above you can see the bottle pouch on the left and zipped pocket on right attached by a large number of buckles and Velcro straps and the small Nike bum bag which I'm going to use for front storage.

Here you can see the amount of material that you can remove also below you can see the finished article.

The last items I had modified were some leg warmers that were a little loose and my waterproof jacket that had no hood storage. The hood was modified with a simple elastic loop which will not completely store the hood when not in use but will mean I can actually run with it still attached.

I've always been impressed with this small company's work for military kit but here we see what can be achieved with endurance kit for a small amount compared to new kit. The picture below shows what 1157 normally produce. Thanks to the 1157 team.

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