Sunday, 20 January 2013

All sore a good cause

This week I took a break from regular training as part of my post race routine following C2C 45 miler.

The first few days the legs were a little sore but not from lactic acid build up but from the sheer punishment from time on feet. One of the common mistakes people make post race is getting back into route too soon and risking possible injury damaging something that hasn't had the time to calm down.

I got to Wednesday and finally decided to got out for a run, clocking up 4 miles late in the evening. Started off pretty swift by my standards these days but after I'd got warmed up and passed the first couple of miles I started to get into it.

I finished the run fine but my sore knee did flare up a little towards the end and I took that as my body telling me it was "too soon". Certain things can be ignored but the key is to know when to stop.

One of great parts of running the C2C was the fact I was running it for charity. The organisers Go Beyond have a great set-up where they support a couple of really good causes and offer places in their races to those that agree to raise funds. One of these was The Children's Charity.

I'd got a half decent record of raising funds and with the help of my friends we doubled the minimum donation and raised over £500 and still counting! To help the fund raising I held one of my endurance events at work this week. I've held these for sometime as we have a hardcore of running fans here that are always up for a challenge, Marathon, Ultra or Iron Man but this time it was simple hilly 5 miles Cross Country carrying 16kg in a backpack with everyone donating their entry fee.

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